This October Eczema Awareness Month, groups and advocates from across the healthcare landscape are taking action to raise awareness for patients living with eczema and severe atopic dermatitis. Millions of Americans suffer from the burden of this disease, and this month presents an opportunity to help tell the story of the unmet medical need they continue to face. 

Here are a few helpful resources that can be used to raise awareness:

Eczema Matters
Eczema Matters is a central resource with up-to-date information on treatments, patient stories, therapy breakthroughs and more. 

Eczema Resource Center
Eczema Resource Center discusses the types of eczema/dermatitis with detail on symptoms, causes, treatment, and tips on how to manage eczema.

Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) Resource
Atopic Dermatitis Resources provides an overview of eczema, from symptoms of eczema, how it is diagnosed, and treatment and management of eczema. It also features a link to a Asthma and Allergies Symptom Test.

Eczema in Children
Eczema in Children provides information on how eczema affects children.

Eczema Exposed
Eczema Exposed features a discussion guide to help start a conversation with a provider and a tool that helps you find a dermatologist or allergist in your area.

Overcoming Barriers to Dermatological Treatment White Paper
“Overcoming Barriers to Dermatological Treatment” that dives into various skin conditions (including eczema) and how it is difficult for patients to obtain treatment.

About Eczema
About Eczema site that features information on eczema, how to identify it, typical treatments, environmental risks, and other common issues.

Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) Page
About Eczema site provides helpful overview about what eczema is and how to identify it.

Webinar Wednesdays
Webinar Wednesdays: Ongoing educational webinars with world-class medical experts discussing the latest in disease management, research, treatments and related information you need to live well with eczema.