Life with a Severe and Rare Skin Condition

Eileen Attar’s son Brady lives with epidermolysis bullosa, battling constant sores all over his body. When Eileen’s not caring for Brady and treating his wounds, she’s busy fighting her health insurance company to cover the bandages necessary to keep him alive.


Eczema Awareness Month

October is Eczema Awareness Month. View the 2018 Advocacy Toolkit by clicking the image below.

Why this Dermatologist is Fed Up

Adam Friedman, MD, discusses recent trends in dermatological care and challenges faced by physicians and patients when trying access prescription medications.


Has your health insurer denied your care?

Health insurance companies use various approaches to cut costs.

As a result, your insurer may not cover certain treatments prescribed to you or may require you to take a number of steps before your treatment is approved.

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